Are you linking your project steps using our task dependencies feature? It's a great way to keep track of every small advancement on the way to reaching your milestone event. But if someone else is responsible for the next step, what is the best way to let them know you've finished? @mention them in the comments? No need. You suggested a new notification to make life easier, and we've delivered.

Now, next time you mark your task as complete, the assignee of the next dependent task will automatically get an email notification letting them know it's their turn to work on the project!

Note: Users must turn on their email notifications in order to receive the email.

This new notification means you don't have to worry about letting the next person know it's time to start — Wrike will do it for you. So when you finish your work and mark the task as complete, you can rest easy knowing that the project will keep moving forward.

And if you're the next person in line, you don't have to stalk the preceding task to make sure you notice when it has finished. Once the email shows up in your inbox, you're good to go.

Just another way Wrike is helping you manage your projects smoothly and efficiently, from start to finish.