It’s always great to know how many different and interesting use cases of Wrike implementation are there in your organizations. But could you imagine that Wrike might serve not only as your irreplaceable assistant in task and project management, but also as a librarian?

With a sizeable collection of books in the office, it may be rather difficult to keep them classified and track their availability. One of our customers, Tisso Naturprodukte, who has a large office library with the latest publications in biology and natural medicine, handled this challenge with Wrike’s help. Keeping the books’ statuses up-to-date has become way easier and more accurate. Here’s how exactly they made it happen:

Creating an online catalogue

The team at Tisso Naturprodukte logs all books from their office collection into the “Library” folder as completed tasks. This way, the library catalogue can be instantly accessed by everyone, but at the same time, these tasks don’t clutter the dashboard or the to-do lists as action items.

Just like in online book stores, the team organizes dozens of items by tagging them with topics. There’s a special subfolder with different categories that can be dragged onto the appropriate tasks. So whether someone’s looking for a new read in chemistry or a popular book on biology, it’s really easy to spot the right one.

Searching for a particular book

In every book’s description, Tisso’s team members enter the most important details. So in addition to the thematic tags, it’s convenient to search books by a particular word in its title or description.

Also, to make it easy to physically find the right book, they all are tagged with the number of the stand they’re on. Isn’t that smart?

Tracking library items

Tracking library items is basically as simple as tracking tasks. There’s a simple rule: Whenever someone on the team borrows a book, he or she should mark the task as active, assign it to himself or herself and set a due date when he or she expects to return the book. When the book is returned, the same team member marks the task as completed, and everyone can see the new status indicating that the book is available again.

If someone on the team wants to recommend a book to a particular colleague, he or she leaves a comment in the task’s Activity Stream, using @username.

With such a skilled “librarian” as Wrike, it has become really easy for Tisso’s team to keep their office library in perfect order.

Do you use Wrike to keep track of something other than tasks and projects? Let us know in the comments!

“We are using Wrike for almost every aspect of our day-to-day work. It helps us greatly in organizing seminars and webinars, managing our ticket system and recurrent daily tasks, doing inventory of IT hardware and electronic devices, and much more. I would like to particularly point out the great job of Wrike’s support team, which is always available in the chat or by e-mail, and eager to check things out and explain them to us. Thank you, guys!”

—Nihad Perva, CIO at Tisso Naturprodukte