A few weeks ago, we encouraged all of you to have your say in our “Working Habits” survey. Thanks to your very active participation, it turned out to be a blast, with 1,000+ responses received. We really appreciate your input, and soon we’ll share the interesting findings about virtual work that you helped us to discover. For instance, we were surprised to learn that as many as 57% of the respondents don’t use Skype, IM apps and social communication tools at work. Did you expect that? We assume that Wrike replaces all these tools for you! ;-)

Also, as we promised, we did a drawing of 10 funny, yet useful, prizes (including the awesome grassy lawn charging station that we basically fell in love with ourselves!) among everyone who took part in the survey. 

Congrats to the lucky winners: Scott Borowy (Johnson & Wales University), Pam Harshbarger (DynaVox), Stacy Dooley (Cregger Company), German Ricardo Garzon (Ciberix Design Factory), Kristin Kinsey (MadHatter Consulting), Mike Reyher (Cinsay), Colleen Nisbett (Bob’s Red Mill) and three winners who asked us to keep their names private. Wrike’s Santa is already on the way with the prizes!

Once again, thanks for participating in our survey! Stay tuned to hear its full results!