Wrike is looking for a motivated VP of Sales. We are building a stellar sales team to maximize the revenue potential of incoming leads, increase revenue from existing customers, turn team accounts into larger enterprise-wide deals and grow our channels. We’re moving at an aggressive pace, so your job responsibilities will be diverse and will include both doing things yourself and managing the doers.  

Essential duties and responsibilities:
  • Build and manage the stellar sales team; lead, mentor, train, coach and motivate the team to achieve top performance; develop a culture of winning; always be ready to roll up your sleeves and lead by example;
  • Continuously collect metrics, do tests, mine marketing and sales data to build and improve economic models underlying the sales processes; use the economic insight to scale the sales team, as well as to optimize the sales processes;
  • Continuously analyze and improve sales performance through strong leadership, process innovations, coming up with and testing new ideas, and your personal actions;
  • Personally nurture and close important customer and channel deals; Actively participate in trade shows and other events; run webinars;
  • Maximize revenue from incoming leads; ensure existing customer retention and account growth; convert team deals within enterprises into larger enterprise deals;
  • Build and maintain an up-to-date go-to-market plan;
  • Influence strategic, product and marketing decisions;
  • Be the source of expertise in productivity, project management and collaboration for your sales team and customers.

Required skills:
  • 5+ years of successful software sales experience; experience in selling software to a large volume of leads via phone and Internet is a must; SaaS/cloud experience is preferred; experience in converting team deals into larger enterprise roll-outs is preferred;
  • Broad sales experience, ranging from lead-scoring to consultative sales, to closing deals, defining and implementing sales strategy, forecasting, cold-calling, responding to RFPs, generating revenue and achieving individual and team goals, building and leading a high-performing sales team, and dealing with strategic channel sales;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication, presentation, leadership and sales skills;
  • Great interpersonal skills with the ability to adapt communication style to different audiences, from Fortune 100 firms to hip start-ups to nonprofits; excellent networking, negotiation and closing skills;
  • Analytical skills;
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize and manage time efficiently;
  • Power user of desktop and cloud apps;
  • Desire to deeply understand our product and market (collaboration, personal and team productivity, project management).

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected].  Include a sample of your written communication with a customer (e-mail, proposal, website copy, etc.), along with the information on sales/marketing innovations that you championed in the last two years.