We have a lot of customers in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, and our own team is also quite diverse. Since we launched in States, we started with a U.S. date format for creating tasks via email, but we always got a lot of requests to make it international. As you know, we are always keen to implement your requests. Wrike now supports the international date format where the day goes first and the month goes second, like 31/12/2008.

By default, the date format is set as MM/DD/YYYY. However, account administrators can easily edit the setting to DD/MM/YYYY for all users in their accounts. The administrator needs to sign in to Wrike, go to “Account”->“Account Management,” choose the format that suits  his or her team best (1) and click the “Update” button (2). The changes affect all users in the account.

If two different customers of Wrike with different date settings collaborate on a task via e-mail, the date format of the task author takes prevalence in Wrike.

By the way, in the next six months we will have a limited number (15) of country reseller openings. If you know somebody who deserves to become a local Wrike reseller, drop us a note.