megvarleykeller LOVE project management cloud tool Wrike, esp their customer service team--thanks @wrike for such a quick response!

financialrunner Does your financial plan include Gannt Charts? I am going to start adding them to mine. I am testing out Wrike.

SusanSerraCKD I just realized that it's 11:40 pm and I just tweeted about project management system @wrike. It must be love...yeesh! ;)

SusanSerraCKD Need a project management system? Here are some thoughts on @wrike and more: 

biztechday Reviewing Demo App from @wrike Wrike is award-winning project management software that does dozens of routine jobs that put u in control#BTD

jacobusvaneeden How do you say Wrike? RT @memeburn 5 online tools to boost your company’s productivity

designkitchensa This is the best project management suite I have seen. Don't spend thousands on MS Project. See:

DanLuxenberg @chrisbrogan Check out Wrike ( You can even update your project via email.

tremblestudio @abroadabroadeh Try :)

WrikeFan A slick Gantt, e-mail intergration, and instant notifications. Kill clutter, save time. It's Wrike! Free Trial Here:

It’s also been great to see our international customers actively spread the word about Wrike. Thank you, guys! Here are a few posts in French, German and Spanish:

br1o Wrike : un nouveau site de gestion de projets en ligne pour les managers et leur équipe [en]

mgrudl @joebertl Überblick über paralell laufende Projekte sind im Wrike besser gelöst. Ich zeigst dir morgen.

takarina tool für ein effizientes projekt management

obrerodelarte Probando el workspace de en el encontre algo de Gantt

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