Is intelligence innate? Or can you improve your intellect with a little hard work? 

Skills that constitute your IQ—like abstract reasoning, language skills, and identifying patterns and relationshipscan all be developed with training. Some people may be able to build those skills faster and with less effort, but we all have the ability to improve our basic intelligence. In fact, Online Course Report shows that you can raise your IQ by almost 20 points in just 7 days. 

  • Can going vegetarian make you smarter? 
  • Does hanging out with friends raise your IQ? 
  • Can a simple protein shake boost your memory and intelligence?
  • Is the average American getting smarter, or dumber? 

Find the answers to these questions and more in the infographic below.

Increase Your IQ in 7 Days

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Your IQ isn’t nearly as important as you may believe! Find out why in this infographic: Why Employers Value Emotional Intelligence Over IQ (Infographic) 

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