You’re walking into a job interview. You’ve spent hours polishing your resume, brushing up on company facts, practicing your firm handshake, and reviewing the times your academic smarts saved you from a potential work catastrophe. You're eager to show that you’re smart, and that your mental prowess will be a valuable asset to the company.

Well, you can stop devising a way to subtly flash your Mensa card, because it turns out your IQ isn’t nearly as important as you may believe. As this infographic explains, Emotional Intelligence (EQ, or EI to some) is a huge factor to hiring managers.

  • 71% of hiring managers say EQ is more important to hiring & promotion decisions than IQ
  • 59% of hiring managers say they wouldn’t hire someone with a high IQ and low EQ
  • 58% of positive variations in professional and personal success may be attributed to EQ,
  • Whereas only 4-25% of positive variances in job performance may be attributed to IQ

Read the rest of the infographic to evaluate your current EQ and get tips for improvement.

Source: University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business

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