Marketing teams have to be flexible in order to constantly adjust to new priorities, goals, tools, and audiences. But sometimes they get a little too used to the chaos, and start believing that creative work naturally feels out of control.

Project management doesn't need to mean restrictive processes, frustrating red tape, or creative death for your marketing team. In fact, project management principles can help establish a reliable, efficient system so everyone can actually focus on being creative.

Use these simple project management tips to get better payoff for your marketing team's hard work — and suffer fewer headaches along the way!

Taming the Marketing Chaos
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1. Standardize & simplify processes.

Take a good hard look at your marketing process and developing a marketing plan. Does every single step add value? If not, cut it and focus on what does. Then make sure everyone in the marketing department can follow a clear-cut process and use standard formats and outlines as templates to save time and cut common errors. (See also this video on marketing workflows.)

2. Track your time.

Aside from making billable and unbillable hours easier to track, knowing exactly how long typical tasks take makes it much easier to plan future projects and set accurate deadlines.

3. Balance your team’s workload.

You shouldn’t have a few key team members drowning in deadlines while others are twiddling their thumbs. Keep track of everyone’s assignments and redistribute tasks as necessary to avoid bottlenecks and stalled progress.

4. Make information & resources easily accessible.

Put conversations, resources, and work updates in a central location where they’re easy to find. Everyone can stay in the loop since discussions, decisions, and files are all kept where the entire team can find them.

5. Stay organized.

Project managers have mastered the art of juggling several projects at once, making sure resources are used wisely, deadlines are being met, and every project is running smoothly. Stop trying to manage all your work via email and spreadsheets. (There's a better way!) Take advantage of popular project management tools, like the Gantt chart, to manage all your campaigns in one place.

6. Record lessons learned.

Every project holds takeaways and lessons you can apply to future campaigns. Record and share them with your team to up your game with every new project.

Ready to Start Using a Better Marketing Management Strategy?

See how Wrike can help you coordinate team efforts, adjust to changing priorities, and keep every campaign organized and on track.

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