In the best Wrike traditions, we keep bringing the convenience of using your favorite desktop software to the Web. A couple of weeks ago, we introduced a right-click context menu for the folders tree. Now we are introducing drag-and-drop for folders.

1) To move a folder:

Left-click on the folder, hold the mouse button and pull the folder to the place where you want to see it.

2) To include a subfolder in several folders: hold CTRL.

If you want one subfolder to be included in many folders, hold the “ctrl” key while doing the previous operation. The subfolder will stay where it was before the drag-and-drop, and it also will be included in the new place where you dropped it.

Tip to remember: When you put something in a shared folder, it automatically becomes shared as well. For example, if you move a project folder to a folder shared with your client, your client will see the project folder and underlying tasks.