We hope that Wrike’s e-mail integration is a time-saver for you and your team.  But do you know that you can also leverage it for working with the requests from web forms? From our customer’s story, learn how you can easily redirect them to Wrike and instantly get all important details logged into the system.

Customer’s background

Geo Spa makes it easier for travel agents to quickly find exactly what their clients want. A large variety of tours, honeymoon trips and estate catalogues from more than 2000 Italian travel agencies are collected on two websites maintained by the team. A team of 20 people currently maintains a platform being used by more than 2500 people.

Geo Spa Tip: Use automated web forms to save your team’s time

Geo Spa’s team uses a simple web form to collect all customers’ requests and the bugs that customers have found on their website.

Prior to adopting Wrike, they had to manually sort and process all requests, which took hours of work per week. With Wrike, now all requests get automatically logged into the system as tasks. Moreover, they also get automatically sorted into folders by their type.

And this was really easy to do:

Whenever Geo Spa customers want to report a bug or ask for a new feature, they fill out the form online, and this data is automatically sent to [email protected]. All you need for that is just to ask your webmaster to add this address into the website source code. If he or she also adds a folder name with a double-colon in the beginning of the e-mail subject line, different requests will get logged into different folders. The system instantly creates a new backlogged or 1-day task (according to the settings in your account admin’s profile). Of course, you can find all of the request details in the task description! Add your web form e-mail address as a secondary e-mail of any user in your account to make him or her the task author, or simply create a new user with this e-mail.

According to Geo Spa’s team, it’s handy to keep all requests as backlogged tasks in Wrike, as this way nothing gets lost. The team checks the Activity Stream for updates about new tasks every day and assigns them to colleagues. Then they can easily prioritize them with the drag-and-drop function and plan them, depending on their current workload.

As you see, such workflow helps Geo Spa to not miss a single customer’s request. At the same time, it saves the team’s time on manually registering requests, and instead they can start processing them right away. Thanks to such a fast response to clients’ needs, their websites always meet expectations. As a result, more and more people in Italy have started using their service!

This approach works great for any type of website request, be it job applications, customers’ contact info or shipping addresses. Do you also have web forms on your site? Let us know what you use them for and if you have tried to integrate them into our project management tool.

“Wrike has made our team more organized and productive. Your dashboard helps us to organize and personalize our work at its best, while e-mail integration helps to manage maintenance requests. Collaboration has become much easier!”

Massimo Cassandro, Riccardo Cattaneo and Daniele ContiGeo spa Web Services team