Welcome back to the weekly Work Management Roundup, where we collect and curate the latest reads from around the web regarding work, productivity, and careers. This week, we focus on burnout, insane work hours, and caffeine — the three staples of exhausted knowledge workers around the globe. Read on! How Insane Work Hours Became a Mark of American Privilege (The Week): You probably have a coworker who brags about how s/he's working 60-hour weeks. (And if not, it's probably you.) According to research though, the jobs where people are most likely to work over 45 hours a week are highly-paid professional positions in law, business management, engineering, and finance. So yeah, it's become an unhealthy status symbol. The Start-Up Marathon: How One Founder Avoids Burnout (Fox News): Andrew Filev, CEO of Wrike, shares the 3 things that carried him through those initial 80-hour work weeks without burning out: his love for the mission, a sense of responsibility for the team, and managing his own limits. All That Coffee You're Guzzling Is Useless if You're Not Getting Enough Sleep, Study Says (Mic): And in case you're using coffee to fuel your insane work hours... well its effectiveness has limits. Apparently, if you're only getting around five hours of sleep a night, caffeine stops giving you a cognitive boost by the third day. Your parents knew what they were talking about when they said, "It's past your bedtime!" 5 Strategies for Forming Team Productivity Habits (Wrike): Not happy with how your team gets stuff done? Download our free eBook that outlining five concrete strategies for building a high-performance team, one habit at a time. 5 Ways to Love Your Open-Plan Office (QuietRev): Are you feeling vulnerable and beset by distractions in your open plan office? Here are 5 strategies you can use to subtly alter your space and make it work for you — without actually barricading your desk. 4 Helpful Books For Managing Remote Workers (Forbes): We all know managing remote team members is difficult ("Guys are we meeting on Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, or Slack?"), but these 4 books give you tips, insights, and powerful tools to help you make what may seem impossible actually quite doable — and maybe even enjoyable.

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