The G1 phone is one of the most anticipated devices since the iPhone official release. One of the reasons for this is that it is the first phone empowered by Android, a complete, open mobile phone software stack. Android is the creation of Google, along with the Open Handset Alliance. Numerous experts have cited Android as a huge step forward toward openness in software, as this is the first stack open to third-party applications.

The good news is our team decided to use Android's openness as an opportunity to make the new phone owners' lives easier. We have extensive knowledge and experience in incorporating e-mail into project management, and we understand the importance of maximizing the collaborative capabilities across as many devices as possible.
We joined our efforts with Intermedia, the leading provider of collaboration and productivity SaaS solutions, and introduced a new application allowing users to easily download all of their Exchange contacts to their G1 phone. Our aim was and will remain to save you time and increase your productivity. ContactsSync is another step in this direction. The application is absolutely free, so you are welcome to download and enjoy it right now!

You can also read more about ContactsSync.