They're sipping coffee in the break room. They're pacing around the conference room. They might just be lurking in your office. They are (cue Psycho music)... Managers from Hell!

It's not easy to be a good manager. It takes a lot of experience, mentoring, leadership, and patience. When the going gets tough, a good manager doesn't expect miracles; he gets involved to help out the team. Poor managers who spend time micromanaging and paper clip inspecting can lead to serious consequences such as missed deadlines, careless mistakes, and friction amongst team members.

If your manager seems lazy, discouraging, and sets unrealistic expectations, then beware! You're dealing with a manager from hell.

Here are six different stories of managers from hell that we've compiled in our very own video starring some of Wrike's finest actors. Enjoy!

What Makes a Manager from Hell?

In an April 2017 post, The Balance collected six main points that readers collectively bring up when describing a bad boss. These six are:

  1. Managers from hell love their "yes men." They give special treatment to those who brownnose, those tattletales who report every last detail of the general population to them. These managers make excuses for the poor work of their inept workers because they're favorites! Sorry to the more deserving employees. The "yes men" and the favorites get better schedules, assignments, and all the attention of their sponsor.
  2. Managers from hell fail to communicate! How awful is this in a day and age when communication is easy as pie? These bad bosses don't give out clear expectations or directions, and they can't be bothered to lay out the deadlines or criteria on which your performance is to be judged. They may even change their minds frequently as to plans or due dates. End result: their people don't know what to expect, where to stand, or how to meet expectations. "How do we do this? We can't read her mind!" Sorry guys, you can't meet your boss' expectations because they don't exist.
  3. Managers from hell fail to use simple, positive solutions. No, no no, they would rather a dramatic episode occur where disciplinary measures are meted out to the guilty, or voices are raised inappropriately. Those who are to blame must be made examples of! Why give a solution like adults when your employees are children that must be sent to the corner for a time out?
  4. Managers from hell speak rudely. The louder the better. The ruder, the more power they think they wield. They won't let you respond to accusations or comments, they'll just rip you a new one hoping the intimidation will back you into a corner where you fear for your job. What's more, they're happy to see employees follow their example and bully other employees.
  5. Managers from hell take credit for your success! You did something awesome? It was their idea. You did something wrong? Woe to you, my friend. These horrible bosses will throw you under the bus if it suits their ends. And often in a very public setting.
  6. Managers from hell won't give you recognition. You did a good job on that campaign? No kudos on the all-hands meeting. Your sales numbers were stellar this entire quarter? No high fives from your boss. That's because recognition means someone other than them is doing good work. And that's just not possible in a world inhabited solely by their ego.

What Are Your Horror Stories Involving Managers?

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