You've been working hard to fill your blog with unique and inspiring content, carefully choosing topics and polishing sentences. Now it's your moment of glory — and you've gotten hundreds or even thousands of comments, shares, and retweets! If you're at this point and you haven't started monetizing your blog with top affiliates programs, then it's high time to jump into the world of affiliate marketing. When launching an affiliate program on your blog, keep in mind these ground rules for success:

  • Choose a niche, best-seller product that appeals to the majority of your readers. Ideally it should be a product you actively use, or have a good understanding of how to use. If you're not quite sure which tool to choose from a list of market competitors, check out ratings on review sites to see how real users feel about it.
  • Check out the main affiliate conditions: besides commission rate, take a look at minimum payout, cookie length, and reporting systems for tracking your referrals.
  • Use a combination of promotion tools: writing a detailed review from your own point of view is always the best. Combine it with social media promotion, banner placement on your blog, or featuring it in your newsletters for better results.
  • Don't hesitate to contact vendors you're going to promote for more details about the product, best practices, product screenshots, or any other promotional materials.
To help you get started monetizing your blog, we've prepared a short list of best affiliate programs in various niches: Business: Wrike Wrike is a leading work management and collaboration tool that helps teams all over the world complete projects on time and on budget. You'll get $100 per paid Professional subscription and $200 per paid Enterprise subscription.
Travel: TravelPayouts is actually a mini-network of three travel engines that scan through popular sites to help users find cheap, easy travel and accommodations. As an affiliate, you will receive up to 70% of the income on each sale, for an average of $9 USD on airline tickets and $30 USD on hotel bookings. Books: Amazon This niche has one obvious, trusted choice! If you want an established affiliate program to support your book reviews, check out Amazon Associates. You'll get up to 10% in advertising fees. Health: HealthyWage Earn money by helping others win big, lose weight, and get healthy! HealthyWage is a friendly weight loss challenge site. Earn $60 for each HealthyWager sign-up you generate, or $40 for each Team Challenge participant sign-up you generate. Education: Udemy Udemy is one of the largest marketplaces for online education courses. You'll get 50% commission for any course you sell both to new and returning customers.

What other top affiliate programs do you recommend?

Have you tried monetizing your blog? Which tools can you recommend with high-paying affiliate programs to help writers earn and provide value for their readers? Help everyone out in the comments below!