I really love the fact that Wrike project management software gives a better experience than you have with desktop apps. Everything happens fast on a single screen, without time-consuming page reloads. Today, Wrike brings you the speed and convenience of desktop apps in one more project management feature – drag-and-drop file uploading.

Now Wrike enables you to bring more files and images to your workspace in literally one mouse move in Safari for Mac, Chrome and FireFox – just like you do with files on your desktop.

You simply drag one or more files from your computer to the task, and you are done! While files are uploading, you can continue working with your tasks in Wrike project management software.

The feature is particularly useful when you need to attach multiple files to a project task. Instead of entering a path to each file, you simply drop a bunch of files into a task and avoid routine work.


Another useful project management feature released today: when you are editing a task description, you can simply drop an image right into the text . It’s really handy, as people can preview the images by simply clicking on them to zoom in.

On top of that, there are a couple of bonus features:

1) Chrome users will benefit from the ability to download the attachments by simply dragging a file link to your desktop

2) Firefox 4 users can use the traditional Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V combination to copy and paste images right into the task description – just as if you are working with local documents! Isn’t it nice?