So it's the Friday before Halloween, and while the rest of the United States is busy screening reruns of Freddy Krueger's and Jason Voorhees' greatest flicks, we discovered this week that your stressful job is literally killing you, and your inability to be productive at work is lowering your efficiency. Welcome to this week's terror-filled edition of the Work Management Roundup!

3 Ways You're Screwing Up Your Productivity at Work (Business Insider): The 2015 Work Management Report revealed the top three productivity mistakes. Here's how to avoid those mistakes and reclaim your day.

Your Stressful Job is Literally Killing You (Washington Post): A new study by researchers at Harvard and Stanford has quantified just how much a stressful workplace may be shaving off of Americans' life spans.

3 Tips for Maximizing Your Happiness at Work (Inc): Happiness at work lies not in getting everything done (an impossible task, I might add), but rather, setting boundaries to avoid overflowing your to-do list.

The WorkingMemory.txt File Hack (Study Hacks): Cal Newport demonstrates a simple way to work through a block of admin tasks: use a simple text file to capture, organize, and ultimately clarify all relevant information — leaving your brain free to execute.

Is a Solid Customer Experience Enough to Ensure Customer Loyalty? (Forbes): Apparently the answer is no. The customer will always say "who cares?" about your service until you make a good enough impression on them. Which is why you need to give them a reason to keep coming back.

15 Customer Retention Strategies that Work (Help Scout): And if you're looking for concrete ways to put the above into action, here are 15 strategies, divided into 5 groups: communication, reciprocity, selling, support, and loyalty programs.

The 3 Ways My Kids Give Me an Edge as an Entrepreneur (Medium): Is starting a family while starting a company a bad idea? Not according to this CEO who explains how his family motivates him to be a better entrepreneur.

The Lying Down Desk (FastCo Exist): The entire standing desk frenzy has officially cooled down, with studies saying it isn't necessarily any better than sitting. But this new invention will probably be the nail in the coffin. Presenting: the lying down desk. Doesn't this remind you of the hoverbeds that the humans in Wall-E rode?

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