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Top Challenges
Visibility, agility, speed up cycle times
Feature highlights
Clear Business Plans, Accelerate collaboration, Customized folder structures

Tactus — a young, quickly growing technology innovation company located in Bay Area. 2013 CES “Best of Show” from Engadget, Wired, and “Technical Excellence” award from PCMag.com.

Their story

The big challenge for Tactus was running projects on lean schedules and fast cycle times

Tactus develops innovative new touch screens with physical buttons that dynamically appear and disappear into the screen. As a fast growing business, they run projects on lean schedules and fast cycle times. However, communication between interdisciplinary teams wasn’t always quick and effective. Management and investors needed to know the issues and successes of the team in a short period to redirect resources for quick solutions, but they had limited project visibility. At a startup, work agility can make or break your company.

You almost can’t run a project anymore without something like this tool. You have to be so fluid and adaptable to meet the expectations of today’s market, investors, and employees.

Their victory

Tactus has been able to shorten their scrum period from an entire week to only 1 day

The reduced sprint time gives them important business momentum. Employees can continue to work at the pace Tactus demands while having all employees’ important work and results immediately available — because everything is in Wrike.


Their superpowers

Clear business plans

Tactus keeps an executive folder in Wrike where every major milestone resides so that all exec members can reference it and get the full picture. From there, they are able to disseminate tasks to the appropriate folders for individual teams, such as Engineering or Operations.

Accelerate collaboration

“Wrike’s Activity Stream became a quick, online way for everyone to observe what’s going on without sitting through briefings 5 times per week. Updating colleagues happens instantly without waiting for the next face-to-face, which makes collaboration between scheduled meetings much easier,” shares Curtis Ray, VP of Engineering at Tactus.

Customized folder structures

Execs set traditional “30/60/90-day” goals, and they’re kept in “30/60/90-day” subfolders within the individual team folders. Employees can see their targets and know that all their effort and daily tasks are working to accomplish larger objectives.

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<p>Find out how Wrike can help your business</p>
<p>Find out how Wrike can help your business</p>