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Wrike workspace

Fast, Easy, Efficient
Project Management Software for SMBs

In a small company, the entire team needs to be productive while wearing many hats. Wrike is tailored to make multitasking efficient, helping you to stay in control of your concurrent commitments.

Thousands of small and midsize businesses, as well as Fortune 500 companies, rely on Wrike in getting control across multiple simultaneously running projects. Just some of our customers:


Top reasons to choose Wrike for managing SMB projects:

1. Works perfectly in a multi-role, multi-project environment

Multitasking is common at SMBs, with the same people performing administrative, sales, marketing and production tasks all at once. Wrike provides you with an easy way to organize and monitor all your projects in one workspace by department, client, product, etc.

Wrike folders

2. Brings all your data to a single online hub

How much valuable data is hidden in your team's e-mails, desktop files, IMs and sticky notes? Let Wrike help you merge all your team's tasks, e-mail discussions, schedules, Gantt charts and files into one workspace. This way, the necessary info is easily accessible to all involved workers anytime, anywhere. Say "No" to miscommunications, lost data and uninformed decisions!

3. Enhances collaboration in virtual teams

With 24/7 access to the up-to-date project information, time zones and geographical boundaries are no obstacle to efficient collaboration. Real-time updates of the data in Wrike will let your team discuss issues and react to the changes as quickly and efficiently as if you were in the same office.

Wrike AS

4. Scales to support business growth

Unlike other software that becomes slow and clumsy when your business growth brings more data in, Wrike is spry and rapidly handles thousands and even tens of thousands of tasks. Try a reliable way to keep all your tasks, projects, ideas, files and teams organized in one place.

5. Keeps e-mails and project plans in sync

Is e-mail your primary communications tool? Then you know how hard it is to get the big picture of the tasks by sifting through the tons of e-mail threads. Wrike's e-mail integration makes your life much easier. It automatically brings all tasks from your outbox into a hub shared with your team, giving you a complete picture of all the work so that you know which tasks are done, in process or need a reminder.

Wrike create task

Start managing your projects with Wrike!

6. Lets you involve third parties at no cost

With Wrike, an unlimited number of viewers can participate in your projects for free with any subscription plan! Wrike is sharable internally and across your company's boundaries, making it incredibly easy for you to invite clients and freelancers, and decide who sees which parts of the project.

7. Provides flexibility in scheduling

The fast-changing business environment might introduce corrections into your plans daily, so an ideal plan is a quickly adjustable one. Wrike helps you to update the entire project's schedule with a couple of mouse motions and inform your team about it at the same time. This way, your team is well-timed, efficient and staying on course!

Wrike gantt

8. Automatizes progress and deadline tracking

Minimal effort from your side is needed to keep track of a project's progress, as you receive instant e-mail notifications about all the changes! Also, thanks to Wrike's interactive to-do e-mails, each team member has a clear understanding of task priorities, and all the important deadlines are in sight.

9. Helps to optimize the team's schedule

Thanks to Wrike's workload view, you can easily monitor, balance and optimize the load of your team. One glance is enough to identify the slots in the team's schedule and spot the most productive team members. So you can be sure that the right people are working on the right tasks at the right time!

Wrike workload
Wrike folders

10. Easy-to-use for the entire team

The friendly and intuitive interface lets each of your team members feel comfortable using Wrike, regardless their level of IT experience. Bringing the ease of use of social networks to project collaboration, Wrike provides an easy way for each team member to contribute to project planning and discussions.

11. And a bonus: Fits a small budget

Using Wrike costs as little as $7 per user per month with the most popular, 15-user plan. No enormous investments upfront are required. You pay on a monthly basis. There are no deployment and maintenance costs, and all software updates are made in the background and for free. On top of that, you get a 20% discount for choosing an annual subscription.

Track record of Wrike SMB customers' productivity:
Timothy Seward

"Within just the first couple of weeks of using Wrike, I was able to immediately save 50% of the time that we used to spend on meetings."

- Timothy Seward, CEO, ROI Revolution

Lorne Greene

"I would recommend Wrike to anyone who is juggling multiple projects, tasks and clients, and wants to do that efficiently."

- Lorne Greene, CEO, Viva Creative - Global marketing communications agency

"The work is done faster, and the clients are happy to pay our bills. Kudos, Wrike!"

- Joseph Andrade, Owner, SayitRight Marketing Solutions

Ciaran Rogers

"Wrike saves us 1/3rd of the time we spend dealing with the incoming tasks in our e-mail inboxes

- Ciaran Rogers, marketing manager, UKSA

Laura Roeder

"Wrike's flexibility allows us to be super-productive, and it helps our own business grow rapidly."

- Laura Roeder, Popular online marketing strategist and social media expert