What we’ll cover:

<h5>How modern work challenges will impact&nbsp;you</h5>
How modern work challenges will impact you

Learn why companies are consolidating work tools with mass urgency, and discover how to face challenges like software overload, siloed teams, lack of visibility, and widespread burnout.

<h5>How Wrike equips teams for&nbsp;success</h5>
How Wrike equips teams for success

From new and improved work views, Custom Item Types, Space Workflows, External Requester Collaboration, and more, our new platform is making life easier for companies around the world. Find out how.

<h5>Examples of customers who’ve up&#8209;leveled how they&nbsp;work</h5>
Examples of customers who’ve up‑leveled how they work

Alexey will show you how companies around the world are giving teams the visibility and collaboration they need to get their most important work done, faster.

<p><span>Alexey Korotich</span><br></p>


Alexey Korotich

As Vice President of Product, Alexey defines the long‑term vision and requirements for Wrike’s category‑defining enterprise solutions.

Alexey has 15+ years of experience in enterprise software design, security, product development, and management, and has led numerous successful go‑to‑market launches.

<p><span>Go ‘Lightspeed’ and meet 2023 challenges head on</span></p>

Go ‘Lightspeed’ and meet 2023 challenges head on

<p><span>Go ‘Lightspeed’ and meet 2023 challenges head on</span></p>