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The complete project portfolio management solution

Wrike is the all-in-one solution for project portfolio management (PPM), with powerful features that connect strategy with results. 

<p>The complete project portfolio management solution</p>


Make project portfolio management easy with Wrike

Wrike’s PPM features help PMOs improve planning, reduce risks, and maximize ROI. Visualize initiatives at a glance and monitor progress across your entire portfolio in real time.

Streamline Project and Portfolio Management with Wrike

Effortlessly tackle project management pain points and portfolio management challenges using Wrike's advanced features.

Increase efficiency by customizing Wrike, streamlining workflows, automating tasks, and optimizing resources, while improving planning and maximizing ROI.

Visualize and prioritize program initiatives

Organize project requests and sort by status, size, or value so you can prioritize to ensure alignment with company-wide OKRs. 

Wrike’s PPM features make it easy to keep track of key priorities, streamline the queue, and roll up overall project progress.

Build an executive portfolio dashboard

Stay one step ahead of every PMO development with your own customizable executive dashboard. View projects by volume, completion rate, cost, status, and budget utilization. 

Monitor organizational progress in real time to ensure complete portfolio optimization. 

Save time and resources with automation

Make tedious tasks a thing of the past with Wrike’s game-changing automation. 

Create rules, triggers, and auto-approvals to transform manual, time-consuming jobs into efficient processes that drive projects toward completion — even when you’re not there.

Accelerate repeatable processes

Use customizable templates and Blueprints to automate repeatable, scalable, and consistent processes throughout your organization.

Kick-start new projects fast by building pre-populated Blueprints that generate end-to-end project plans in seconds.

Spot risks with RAID logs

Make sure you’re up to speed with potential delays and risks across all your projects and programs by creating a customizable PMO RAID log. 

Monitor projects’ RAG statuses and view issues, impact, probability, and RAID labels at a glance. 

Visualize, optimize, and maximize resources

Take control of resource management with increased visibility, instant analytics, and detailed dashboards that update in real time.

Use intuitive features to delegate effectively, measure capacity accurately, and deploy resources where they’re most needed.

Leader in Collaborative Work Management
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Leader in Collaborative Work Management

<h5>Top Rated for Project Management / Collaboration / Project Portfolio Management</h5>
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Top Rated for Project Management / Collaboration / Project Portfolio Management
G2 Category Leader<br>(12 Categories)
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G2 Category Leader
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Move fast with easy-to-use PPM templates

Wrike’s proven templates for portfolio management help PMs visualize entire operations, scan for risks and roadblocks, and stay on top of developments and due dates.

<h5>Project management oversight</h5>
Project management oversight

Get the big picture instantly with Wrike’s PMO template — perfect for monitoring your entire portfolio from one place. Optimize end-to-end delivery with dynamic request forms and detailed dashboards.

<h5>Complex phased projects</h5>
Complex phased projects

Every project starts with a first step. Wrike’s complex projects template can break even the largest undertaking into manageable stages, with the ability to assign tasks and track progress easily.

<h5>Business process management<br></h5>
Business process management

Create game-changing systems for your organization with Wrike’s business process management template. Analyze, optimize, and improve your operations for better, more streamlined PMO.

Take charge of your complete portfolio

Make PPM a breeze, no matter how complex your portfolio. Enjoy 360° visibility, enhanced collaboration, and advanced planning.

<p><span>Take charge of your complete portfolio</span><br></p>
<p><span>Take charge of your complete portfolio</span><br></p>