You may know Zapier as a service that connects your various work apps so you can shuttle data between different tools and get things done more efficiently.

On November 14th, Zapier launched a highly-requested tool: Digest by Zapier is their new app that aggregates information, then automatically delivers it based on your schedule.

What Can You Do With Digest by Zapier?

With Digest, you simply select Wrike (and over 500 other tools), tell it what information you want to gather, and it then collects that info, assembles a summary, and delivers it to the platform of your choice.

For example, you might want to automate a digest of new projects or new tasks for your team and send it to your project manager every Monday morning via Gmail.

Other use cases:

  • New Wrike tasks summarized in a digest and sent to Slack daily, weekly, or monthly
  • New Wrike tasks summarized in a digest and delivered to any email with Zapier Email
  • A summary sent to Slack or Gmail whenever a certain number of Wrike projects are created

How Do You Use Digest?

For a detailed tutorial on creating a Wrike-to-Digest Zap, read:

Or you can click the widget below to quickly create three Zaps with Digest and accomplish any of the following:

  • Get a digest of Wrike tasks delivered to Slack
  • Get a digest of new Wrike tasks delivered to Gmail
  • Summary of new Wrike tasks delivered to Evernote

Digest by Zapier gives you the chance to reclaim your time: instead of you running around gathering information, Digest curates content in the background and delivers it when you need it. Now you can focus on more important work!

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