We already released a preview of what the new Wrike will be like in the series of posts about the beta version. Now, welcome the full new version in its full glory! The new Wrike merges advanced project management functionality with social network-like interactivity and ease of use. During the development of the new Wrike, we redefined our approach to the usability design, which helped us to create a social network-like friendly and effective solution. Wrike’s innovative interface and enhanced collaboration platform will help you to boost the productivity of every member of your team like never before!

“We paid particularly close attention to our customers’ needs while developing Wrike’s new version. The opinions of those who use Wrike are always a top priority for us, although this time it was more important than ever, since we wanted Wrike to be as attractive and easy to use as everyone’s favorite social networks. We provide a project management solution that is designed to help our customers improve their collaboration and productivity, but we couldn’t have made Wrike the way it is without their help! Thanks to everyone who helped us with the feedback!” says Andrew Filev, CEO of Wrike.com.

Here is a list of the most notable innovations of Wrike Social:

Wrike’s new interface

In Wrike Social, we introduced a new innovative 3-pane layout, which gives you access to more information on your screen. You can easily navigate through your folders, see full task lists and details for individual tasks and folders, all on one screen! Thanks to this innovation, you don’t have to lose time and focus while switching between different pages and windows.

Profile pictures

Wrike’s new interface also includes
avatars to bring extra social network-like friendliness to your workspace. Personal pictures bring online communication a step forward and allow people to identify the author of a task, or who the task is shared with, etc., with just a quick glance at the workspace.

Interactive dashboard

Wrike Social has a new dashboard, which gives every member of your team an unparalleled visibility of where they stand at any point in time. This easily customizable tool shows information about scheduled, overdue and backlogged tasks, and also provides the news about the most recent activities of your teammates. With such a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool, task management becomes easier than ever!

Activity stream and microblogging feature

Wrike’s Activity Stream is a powerful project management tool that provides a news feed about the most recent activity in real time, which makes sure that everyone stays in the loop and has easy access to the latest information.  It also allows people to exchange short messages, giving them the ability to hold informal discussions within the same workspace.

Also, in addition to comments, every task in the new Wrike also has an activity stream for that particular task built in. Everyone can see the full history of changes and therefore has greater control over the workflow.


In the new version of Wrike, we introduced backlogged tasks. The ability to manage tasks with no fixed start dates and due dates allows you to easily store and keep valuable ideas and make sure that they are not lost in the workflow. You can set tasks as backlogged and come back to them and schedule in the future, or just use them to accumulate project ideas or other information.

Prioritizing and customizable search

In the new Wrike, you can customize your search and filter criteria. This allows you to build task lists with only those tasks that you want to see, sorting and filtering them by nearly every possible detail. Most importantly, you are now able to sort your tasks by priority, rearranging them with a simple drag-and-drop function. People are now able to arrange tasks as needed and focus on what is most important.

This is a just a highlight of the most notable features of the new version of Wrike. Read more detailed descriptions of those features in our other posts and discover how Wrike’s features work in detail in our help section.

We never stop moving Wrike forward, and we keep introducing new project management features, as well as making the existing ones better. Wrike’s new version is not a finishing point, but a step forward. We keep improving project collaboration, helping teams to be more efficient, and making project management software easy and comfortable to use.