Over 30 new features, 4 new languages, doubling the customer base, talented new team members – this is just a brief snapshot of the great things that happened at Wrike in 2012. As we’re gaining momentum on the next big part of our roadmap, I’d like to glance back at the events and achievements we had in the past year and share some highlights with you.
Our team of 50 worked hard to make the online work of thousands of organizations as easy, comfortable and efficient as possible with Wrike’s help. To make that happen, we enhanced Wrike with more than 30 big and small project collaboration features, including the shiny new mobile apps, the redesigned three-pane Activity Stream, the Live collaborative editor and much more. These releases not only received a warm welcome from our customers, but also gained positive reviews from top tech and business media, including TechCrunch, InformationWeek, Mashable and Business Insider.

As the word about Wrike was spreading wider and quicker, we saw more than 40,000 companies trying our software in 2012. This is about double what we had in 2011. To make it even easier for international users to leverage Wrike’s power, one of our top priorities was localizing Wrike to new languages. Last year, we introduced our UI in German, French, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese, so that the native speakers of these languages literally feel at home in Wrike. There’s more to come in 2013: The work on several other languages is humming on our translation portal.

We were happy to welcome many new ambitious start-ups on board, as well as teams from globally known corporations, such as Fujifilm, Ticketmaster, Cisco and many more. Our overall customer base expanded more than twofold, which was one of our most prominent results of that year!

We’re happy that you rely on Wrike in managing your projects. When we hear from our customers that Wrike “operates how they think”, makes them more organized and efficient, and helps them “take their business to the next level,” we feel like our hard work is rewarded! Thank you all for your business and your support!

2012 was a fruitful year, but if you ask us about our pace and plans for 2013, we are going to go only faster than before.  We have many ideas about how to make you, us and the whole world more productive, and we just can’t rest until we build those ideas into the product and see that happy smile of yours. Some of those innovations are nearly out of the door. You’ve already seen the recent update to our messaging interface with quotes built in. So stay tuned for more exciting releases, and as always, don’t hesitate to drop us a note if you want to influence our direction. Wishing you all a great and productive year!

P.S. I’d like to kindly ask you about two things:

  • As a good car craves being driven, Wrike was built to be used by you and your team on a daily basis. If you make it a habit, sure enough, it will pay back in productivity in many expected and unexpected ways.
  • We’d appreciate it if you help us spread the word about Wrike. Tell your colleagues, blog about it, tweet about it, anything. Just like with email or Skype, it’s much easier to collaborate, when everyone’s on board.