We know that many customers of Wrike from different corners of the world wanted to see their workspace in their native language. Today, we have some great news for you! First of all, you may have already noticed several new language options in your personal profile. Thanks to our users’ contributions, Wrike is now also available in Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese.

New arrivals on the language list

First of all, you may have already noticed several new language options in your personal profile. Thanks to our users’ contributions, Wrike project management software is now also available in Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese (besides the interfaces in English and Spanish that we’ve had for a long time)! If you want to see one of them in your workspace, choose it in one click right now.

We appreciate the efforts our users made to help translate Wrike’s interface to these languages and hope that it will make Wrike a more convenient tool, not only for their teams but for thousands of other users, as well. Many thanks to Marcos Stenner, Jana Kroftová, Mikhail Prokhorov, and Eugene Smirnov for their invaluable help!

Your contributions are welcome as well!

But this is not all that we wanted to share with you. We also have launched an easy-to-use online translating tool that can help you make Wrike project management software an even better place for your team. Whether you want to translate one string or the whole interface, you are very welcome to do so!

Translating Wrike is simple and quick. If you want to make just a couple of suggestions or correct a mistake, you can do it right away without registration. However, the registered users will see their translation in the interface faster than anonymous users. We’ve prepared a quick guide through the tool interface and some translation tips on our special page for you.

Enjoying the fruits of your work won’t take long! We deploy the approved translations once per week or so. As soon as more than half of a new language is translated, it becomes available in the workspace. To speed up the deployment, you also may drop us a note once you’ve finished the translation.

We hope that using Wrike in your native language will make your team’s collaboration smoother and easier! A number of other popular languages, such as French, German, Norwegian, and Croatian, are now in the process of translation, too, and thanks to your help, they may appear in the interface very soon. Come up with a string translation for one of them, or start translating into a new language if you’d like to!