We’re not telling you anything you don’t already know: The upcoming market cycle is facing some turbulence. As we emerge from the struggle of the long pandemic, the stock market isn’t behaving as anyone would like, currencies are shaky, and companies around the world are bracing as they wait to feel the impacts of this stormy season. 

While the outlook can be worrisome, we believe Wrike customers are in a uniquely strong position to weather market uncertainty. Wrike customers already have a platform with many of the capabilities companies will need to shore up their organizations and strengthen processes to mitigate future impacts. 

Work management software will be one of the critical elements that will help companies build business resilience. It will also be the key to whether companies thrive or simply survive in the months ahead — and here’s why. 

We recently undertook a ground-breaking study to determine just how much time, energy, and resources are being wasted by companies due to daily struggles that we know work management can help with. The Dark Matter of Work is what gets lost in the gaps between systems and solutions that aren't integrated. This wasted time costs the average knowledge organization up to $16K per year — for a single employee! Multiply that by the employees in your organization, and you’ve got a serious opportunity to make up lost revenue. 

Building Business Resilience: Wrike Customers Have Power At Their Fingertips 2

We also know that knowledge workers are each working in up to 14 applications every day to complete their work, wasting time looking for passwords, navigating duplicated data, and repeating tasks. That inefficiency wears employees out, causes employee engagement to drop, and inevitably leads to costly employee churn. 

So what’s the key to recouping the Dark Matter of Work? Intuitive work management software that streamlines workflows and eliminates wasted time. As a Wrike customer, you’re already activating powerful work management features that we’ve designed to tackle these exact problems. But we know our customers are facing an increasingly turbulent market. We want to partner with you to ensure your business is resilient and you’re making the most of Wrike’s versatility and scalability to strengthen your organization. 

To help you enhance your business resilience, we’ve rounded up 11 Wrike features, templates, and integrations that will help you power through uncertainty. 

Key features for building business resilience: 

  • Critical insights: Have you tried Wrike Insights? To get a firm grasp on your team’s productivity, you’ll need data, and sometimes you’ll need it in real-time. Wrike Insights is a first-of-its-kind performance aggregator that delivers insights on 50 tools, compiling real-time data across advertising, marketing, and social media in one simple interface. It’s a must-have for marketing teams as they demonstrate their contribution to ROI.
  • Workflow versatility: We’re really proud of our latest feature that leads the industry in work management customization. Our Custom Item Types feature enables users to mirror their team’s unique business practices and daily task scenarios in their Wrike workspace. That means you can use your team’s preferred terminologies and behaviors for more streamlined processes, reducing wasted time further.

13 Features and Resources to Help Project Management Teams Strengthen their Business Resilience 3

  • Enhanced security: Protecting your information from competitors or bad actors is more important than ever. Wrike Lock allows you to own and manage the keys to your encrypted Wrike data, giving you increased control even though your data is in the cloud. You own a “master” encryption key for all your Wrike data, and the keys to your data are also encrypted.

Built-in integrations to maximize your team’s time: 

Did you know that Wrike integrates with over 400 of the best apps on the market? That means you can eliminate the Dark Matter of Work and use every tool you need within the Wrike platform. Here are a few we suggest you utilize: 

  • Wrike for iOS and Android: Whether you’re on-site or working on the go, Wrike for Android and Wrike for iOS give you the freedom to access work anywhere. You’ll be able to work with the same powerful features as the desktop app from your phone — anywhere you go.
  • Business intelligence: Automatically bring your Wrike data into apps like Tableau, so you can run advanced analytics and reports and provide your internal teams with even greater visibility into the work happening in Wrike.

Building Business Resilience: Wrike Customers Have Power At Their Fingertips 4

Pre-built templates to kickstart your processes: 

As a Wrike customer, you’ve probably got your dashboard set up and are tracking progress as we speak. However, we want to remind you that there are countless ways you can use Wrike to optimize your business. Consider this your friendly reminder to take advantage of our pre-built templates to bring more mission-critical processes into Wrike, from OKR tracking to business process management. 

These templates are thoughtfully designed by our knowledgeable team to help you hit the ground running, with very little set-up required. Many of these templates are available to all Wrike users, with simple access within your Wrike Space. 

  • Business continuity template: In times of change, you need a roadmap for maintaining operations. This business continuity template allows you to see at-risk projects, mitigating that risk quickly by identifying the projects that require immediate attention. It also helps you track employee availability and ease communication across your entire organization.
  • Business process management: Wrike’s business process management template is perfect for shoring up business resilience. It allows you to outline your teams’ current work methods, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement company practices to increase productivity and effectiveness.
  • OKR template: Keeping individual, team, and department goals at the forefront can help ensure increased productivity by helping employees connect their work with organizational goals. This OKR template offers a place to clearly record objectives and metrics and set regular check-ins so you can course-correct before things go off track. 

The use case templates you see in your Wrike Space creation wizard depend on your subscription plan as well as your role in the account.

Resource management features for busy teams: 

Delivering as much as you can with the resources you have — that’s what we want to help you do. Are you utilizing Wrike’s versatile resource planning capabilities to deliver more with less? Here are some of our most-loved tools. 

  • Accelerate resource planning: In this economic climate, agility will be key. With Wrike’s resource planning capabilities, you can quickly estimate project resource needs and request job role resources. This will enable you to ensure the highest priority projects or campaigns have ample coverage with visibility into resource allocation across your whole portfolio.
  • Optimize workloads: Are you utilizing our user-friendly workload features? We’ve worked hard to make sure assigning and managing workloads is as seamless as possible. Get an understanding of team members’ availability, capacity, and strengths at a glance and drag and drop tasks to balance workloads more efficiently.
  • Clear budgeting: Weathering upcoming uncertainty will put pressure on budgets, so Wrike’s budgeting tools will be critical in helping you accurately determine budgets and margins. As team members track time spent on tasks, you can monitor budget spend in real time to keep projects profitable. 

Blogs and eBooks designed to help you maximize resources

Building Business Resilience: Wrike Customers Have Power At Their Fingertips 5

Resource management will be even more important as companies look to build business resilience. Managing resources efficiently and effectively determines whether a project will be successful or might lead to cancellation. Canceled projects cost the knowledge industry over $8M. Take that risk out of the equation by digging into these resource management resources: 

  • Wrike’s Guide to Resource Management
    The first step to better resource management is understanding the best practices to put in place in the remote work era. In this eBook, you’ll learn resource management fundamentals, project management tips to help your team work more efficiently, and actionable insights you can put into practice today.
  • Top Tips for Limited Project Resource Management in Enterprise Organizations
    If your organization deals with resource constraints, this blog post will help you maximize your resource management — without requiring additional employees, funds, or materials. Working with what you have available is key to building business resilience.
  • How to Plan Project Resources With Wrike
    Mapping out resources for a project plan can be a cumbersome task — one that often gets hurried or inaccurately estimated. That’s where Wrike comes in. Let us show you just how we plan project resources with our powerful work management software. 

Helpful tools on Wrike’s ROI

Building Business Resilience: Wrike Customers Have Power At Their Fingertips 6

As you work to maximize resources and do more with less, you may need to demonstrate to stakeholders the ROI of using work management software and how it’s preparing you for market uncertainty. These resources are designed to help you show just how valuable Wrike can be to others in your organization. 

With this cache of resources, we’re confident you’ll maximize your use of our powerful work management software to build business resilience.