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View Your Active Tasks in Your Favorite Calendar Software

We are working hard for you to help you become more organized and productive. That is why we have added a new feature to Wrike – the iCalendar export.

iCalendar is the open standard for sharing calendar data. It allows you to access your tasks from a variety of software programs, including Microsoft Office Outlook, Apple iCal, Google Calendar, and Mozilla Sunbird. Once you subscribe to the iCalender feed, tasks get updated in your calendar, if any task is rescheduled in your Workspace in Wrike. The frequency of those updates depends on your calendar settings. In case with Outlook, calendar gets updated as often as you receive emails.

You can export tasks from all folders at once or from a specific folder. To subscribe to iCalendar feed of all folders, click on the iCal icon in the right upper corner of your Wrike workplace, when “My Folders” is open. By doing this, you export all active tasks assigned to you to your calendar.

If you want to subscribe to iCalendar feed of a specific folder, click on this folder in the left pane to open, and then click on the “iCal” link. All the tasks from this folder and its subfolders are transported to your calendar.

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