You’ve heard the popular phrase, “There’s an app for that.” At Wrike we like to say, “There’s a use case for that.” And we’re about to prove it to you.

Named a leader in collaborative work management (CWM) by Forrester, Wrike is known for being the most robust, versatile solution for small teams, hyper-growth organizations, and the enterprise. One of our latest eBooks highlights 50+ use cases for marketing teams alone. Yes, we have a solution for automated project intake, visual asset proofing, and resource management. But did you know we also have templates for client contract management and business continuity planning, for example?

With hundreds of documented Wrike use cases, and a myriad of customer stories from a variety of industries, there’s a solution for every team of every size. We could tell you about all the use cases Wrike solves, but we’d rather show you. That’s why we’re excited to announce our first use case carnival!

What’s Wrike’s Use Case Carnival?

Hosted by Wrike’s Customer Success and Professional Services teams, the Use Case Carnival is a four-hour virtual event where we’ll showcase new and popular Wrike use cases that demonstrate how teams around the world leverage Wrike to manage their work, improve collaboration, and track results — even while they’re on the go using a mobile device. At the end of each use case presentation, there will be a short Q&A session for attendees to inquire more about the templates.

The event takes place in the following four regions:

We’ve coordinated the event for customers exploring additional functionality, along with prospects looking to see how Wrike enables teams to enhance their workflows and improve collaboration. We’ll feature a variety of use cases including those from sales, human resources, marketing, professional services, IT, PMO, and operations.

Reserve your spot today

There’s something for everyone, so join us for the inaugural Use Case Carnival. 

Learn how you can use Wrike on the go using your mobile device and the best ways to leverage our platform to work smarter and more efficiently, as shown by our customers in their very own Wrike use cases. As an added bonus, attendees will have a chance to win a door prize for each use case. Don’t miss out!