We are happy to announce that Wrike is taking part in The Enterprise 2.0 Launch Pad!

The Launch Pad is organized for companies developing new products to compete for the chance to present them in front of the largest audience in the Enterprise 2.0 community. The companies with the most astounding tools and technologies present their video pitches. The winner will receive a free turnkey Pod at the 2009 Enterprise 2.0 Conference Demo Pavilion. Since we designed Wrike to fully support collective intelligence, emergent structures, transparency, agility and other Enterprise 2.0 ideas, Launch Pad is a great opportunity for us to tell people about how Wrike can change project management.

The first round vote starts on May 5th, and the final conference will be held June 9-12 in Boston. The first round vote finishes on May 12th, so vote for Wrike now