We could talk your ear off about what the new Wrike & JIRA integration powered by Unito can do for you and your development team. But instead, we thought it would be more valuable to share with you how one of our customers is using it.  

We spoke with wiGroup, a mobile transaction solutions provider, about their experience with the new Wrike & JIRA Two-Way Sync. They pride themselves on creating remarkable solutions and their mission is to simplify mobile transactions. In the Q&A below, learn how they were able to cut down on update meetings and admin work by integrating JIRA with Wrike

1. Tell us about your team and the role it plays in your company.

The Solutions Division consists of three teams: solutions managers, business analysts, and designers. We consist of 15 members and engage with one another during the Pre-Project and Design phases of our software development life cycle (SDLC). The solutions managers own all the project management functions for new client onboarding as well as ongoing strategic and project support for existing clients. The Solutions Division also deals with the solution delivery team (technical department consisting of 20 developers, quality engineers, and architects). On a day-to-day basis, we all need to collaborate with each other to ensure we deliver products according to scope, budget, and deadline. 

2. What was the process for setting up the Two-Way Sync

The process was seamless. The step-by-step guide on how to set up Unito and link your Wrike and JIRA accounts was easy to understand and straightforward. With the help of the Wrike customer success manager we were set up and ready to test the integration in no time. 

3. What were the goals that led you to connect Wrike and JIRA?

Wrike is owned and used by our solutions managers for day-to-day project planning and resource capacity management. JIRA is owned and used by our solutions delivery team for issue tracking and time logging. The solutions managers were unable to use JIRA as a project management tool but still had to create and assign new tasks to developers in the solutions delivery team. Thus, it was key for us to have the integration work both ways to track activity for solutions managers and developers. 

4. How has the Wrike & JIRA Two-Way Sync helped your team reach its goals? What improvements have you seen since implementing it?

Just having one software tool in both divisions was not sufficient to meet the needs of each team. Having the option of using either JIRA or Wrike has helped both teams reach their goals. The integration provided the solutions managers with a view of all JIRA-created tasks by the developers and early flagging of unplanned work. 

There is now a reduction in admin effort for the solutions managers resulting in more positive project budget figures. We have reduced the amount of time spent in project meetings that were held to discuss and assess the accuracy of tasks and making sure developers are working on the proper issues because JIRA and Wrike give us these updates in real time. 

 "Wrike & JIRA Two-Way Sync reduced admin effort & cut down time spent in project meetings" @wiGroupInt via http://bit.ly/28LVUGC #CustomerSuccessStory

5. Can you give us an example of how you use the Wrike & JIRA Two-Way Sync

We have predefined project templates for each phase within our SDLC. This includes the high-level competency tasks, which will be allocated to the technical resources. Once integration is complete, the technical resource team will be able to add their subtasks. The solutions manager will be able track the activity both ways and raise flags if anything looks out of order. A comment will be added to the Wrike or JIRA tasks should the solutions managers ask for a status update or correction of delivery dates.

6. How has the Two-Way Sync affected how you work with other teams/departments?

The team members are pleased to see that the integration worked seamlessly and with their ability to review and update information both ways. The integration has improved the relationship between our solutions managers and developers. Each division is happy they can use their own tool and easily engage with one another to deliver the overall project. 

Are you using the Wrike & JIRA Two-Way Sync to communicate across teams? 

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