Ever wonder how successful project teams make it seem so easy? Every team member is engaged, every deadline is met, and every project is a breeze.... Today on Elizabeth Harrin's popular blog, PM4Girls, our CEO and productivity-lover Andrew Filev teaches everyone how to instill new team productivity habits. Read it now and make other people wonder how YOU do it.

Andrew's guest post gives us 5 easy steps to move team members from habit denial to habit acceptance as quickly as possible. He writes:

"Your team’s productivity habits are the magic ingredients to your project's success. If you have the right recipe, your team will complete the project on time and collaborate in a hassle-free way... Motivational speaker Brian Tracy said, 'Successful people are simply those with successful habits.'"


If you want to build better productivity habits for your project team (and who doesn't want better productivity?), and invest in a resources planning toolread Andrew's advice on PM4Girls right now.