Crafting the perfect business pie requires a list of ingredients. A great idea, an awesome team, and an actionable plan. But the most important, do-or-die ingredient to make your perfect pie is productivity. Putting the proper thought into hiring the most productive team and creating an effective plan will keep your business from crumbling.

So why not learn from those who are proving they can get things done day after day? Here are 8 quick, valuable lessons we've learned in increasing work productivity from our awesome Wrike fans.

1. "Divide complex tasks into smaller ones."

— William Fetter, Director of Marketing and Communications, Hexagon Metrology

Hexagon Metrology was struggling with the fast pace of work and tracking the progress of their tasks. They found it easier to break larger tasks into manageable — and more trackable — pieces. [Learn more]

Daniel Schneider, Senior Project Manager, Secondred2. "Don't waste time on micromanagement."

— Daniel Schneider, Senior Project Manager, Secondred

Secondred was wasting time with routine tasks like sending daily to-do emails and updating the team on task status. Instead, they turned to a software tool to automate these tasks. [Learn more]

3. "Clearly define your goals."

— Kat Holt , Head of Marketing, The Huntercombe Group

The Huntercombe Group started every project by stating specific objectives and goals they wanted to accomplish. It helped them complete their work in a clear and concise manner. [Learn more]

4. "Assign tasks to each other and report to the whole team on what you have done."

— Laura Roeder, Online Marketing Strategist and Social Media Expert, LKR Social Media

With their small, non-traditional team, LKR Social Media found that the best way to get the most done was to hold one another accountable for every task. Sharing and creating together saved precious time. [Learn more]

5. "Create unlimited projects within one single workspace."

— Nick Doherty, Managing Editor of Television, SBS Online

Nick Doherty found a space where he could place every project and every task so that he didn't have to jump back and forth between various tools. Now he doesn't worry about forgetting to check up on multiple different tools, and work never slips through the cracks. [Learn more]

Gunter Hildebrand, Managing Partner, Hildebrands GmbH6. "Keep everyone informed in real time."

— Gunter Hildebrand, Managing Partner, Hildebrands GmbH

On a distributed team with an overwhelming amount of information changing between hands, it was critical for Hildebrands GmbH to keep everyone updated in real time so no one accidentally worked with old information. [Learn more]

7. "Eliminate the e-chatter and focus on the next step."

— Erin Blakemore, Co-founder and Director, VOCO Creative

VOCO Creative was swimming in updates and to-do emails, without gaining a true sense of priorities. They now use online project timelines to clear the fog and stay out of their inboxes. [Learn more]

8. "A good collaboration and project management solution is essential for getting things done in a team, especially in a distributed team."

— Rurik Bradbury, Chief Marketing Officer, Unison Technologies

Unison Technologies was having problems because every team member wanted to organize and approach projects his or her own way. Now they rely on flexible software that fits each user's needs, creating a shared workspace to organize all their work and a productivity time tracker to monitor tasks. [Learn more]

What do you think of these productivity tips? Agree? Disagree? If you have other productivity tips that help you at work, share with us in the comments below!