At every customer company we've had the privilege to serve, cross-functional teams come across the same challenges again and again. But two issues in particular stand out:

  • First there's the abundance of tools. Each team uses different tools and platforms to do their work but now must find a way to work with one another. Your developers might use JIRA, while your operations team uses Excel, and when a change requirement comes through, there is no easy way to feed it back into the project planning tool.
  • The second big challenge is giving project visibility to stakeholders. JIRA is awesome at tracking issues; Wrike is awesome at tracking resources and work status. But when different stakeholders use systems in a silo, you may end up with executives depending on verbal project updates. Bad idea.

Today, we're excited to announce a solution to these challenges.

We've partnered with Unito to provide a two-way synchronization between Wrike and JIRA. It's an integration that opens up an organization's projects to its various stakeholders, despite using various tools.

Lets take a look at a few important scenarios where this synchronization will change the way a project is tracked, fed with new data, viewed by executives, and managed by project/product managers.

Create a Combined Platform for Your Teams

Your development team is busy building the product, squashing bugs, and incorporating feedback from field or internal teams using JIRA. Meanwhile the sales and marketing teams are at the front line gathering customer feedback to improve the product and are working out of Wrike. With the Two-Way Sync powered by Unito, the front line can now send developers feedback via Wrike and developers can respond to those requests without leaving JIRA.

Unify Reporting Across All Projects

An executive or product line manager looking for a consolidated project report on all the projects that he's interested in might spend the entire day gathering data. But with the Two-Way Sync, it's as simple as selecting the right JIRA projects, tasks, and subtasks then synchronizing them with the chosen Wrike folder(s). This creates a Wrike Dashboard where every update on the JIRA side is reflected in real time, giving you a single source of truth.

Wrike and JIRA two-way sync - unify reporting across all projects

We're sure there are probably many more scenarios where this latest feature can help your organization innovate more rapidly, but at the end of the day, the Wrike and JIRA Two-Way Sync brings together teams working in the world of JIRA with teams that are operating in Wrike.

This feature is offered as a free preview to Enterprise customers only. In the future additional fees may apply. If you're an admin for an Enterprise account, log into Wrike to activate the feature.

If you’re not a Wrike user yet, begin a Free Trial or reach out to our Support team for more information on this feature.