One of the key things that make Wrike unique project management software is its fantastic flexibility and efficiency in handling multiple projects. Today, we’re releasing a couple of very handy updates that will make your experience in a multi-project environment even more comfortable!

Wrike’s folders can be used as tags and categories to build a neat structure for your tasks. Here’s an easy and intuitive way to implement this: now you can drag a folder as a tag on a task

All the task’s tags will be listed in its description in the “Included in” field. When you have overlapping activities across multiple projects or folders, tagging is an extremely useful feature to help you accurately organize your tasks with just one move of your mouse.

To include a task in several project folders, you also can drag-and-drop it while holding Ctrl button on your keyboard. Or you can choose the appropriate folder from the drop-down “Included in” list in the task description. You can pick any of the options at your convenience.

The second update we’re releasing will help you stay focused and save time you’d otherwise spend on scrolling down the folder hierarchy. If your folder tree has grown way longer than your screen shows, you’ll definitely enjoy the quick folder search feature. Just type the name (or part of the name) of the folder you need in the field above the hierarchy, and the list will be narrowed down to the folders with this word in the name. This happens instantly. You even don’t need to hit “Enter,” just like in Google Instant. To switch back to the full folder hierarchy view, click on the “x” sign to the right of the search field.

We hope these updates will add some extra points to your productivity! Any feedback on the new project management features is welcomed in the comments to this post.