Love staying on top of task updates, but wondering how to tailor your email notifications for specific changes in the tasks you follow? Now you can change your email notification settings to suit your individual needs and monitor only the updates you care about.

How is this useful? Say you're on the marketing team and need to publish a blog post (such as this one!) once the text has been finalized. Your cue to jump in is when the copywriter has been unassigned from the task. So you may not need to know when the task description is revised by the copywriters, but you do need to know when the assignees change. In this case, uncheck the "Description changed" notification and leave the box for "Assignees changed" marked.

To adjust your email notification settings, go to the "Email addresses" tab of your profile settings. Check or uncheck the notification boxes to customize the info that lands in your inbox.

Email notifications you can opt in or out of:

  • Task or folder created
  • Comments added
  • Task status changed
  • Task description changed
  • Task dates changed
  • Task moved to another folder
  • New task assigned/Assignees changed

This new feature is available for all Wrike users, from Freemium to Enterprise. Because everyone deserves a cleaner inbox.