Not so long ago, I was interviewed by Ron Holohan, MBA PMP. Ron is the author of the popular site, which is dedicated to all the topics related to project management: tools, tips, methodologies, books, you name it. What I really like about is that Ron tries to look at the practical side of things and pays attention how the material he blogs about can be applied to real-life projects, including his own. Another great thing about Ron's site is that the author combines blog posts and podcasts, so that many interviews are available in both written and audio formats, and you can choose the one that's most convenient for you. should be the 34th in my Selected Blogs list. I promise to write an update on my directory, as there are some great suggestions in the comments to the post. Ron's site will definitely be in the updated blogs collection. During the interview, Ron and I spoke about different aspects of Project Management 2.0 and also about our project management software, Wrike. I know that some of you have already listened to the interview podcast. Thanks for listening, and I hope you liked it! For those of you who have not yet checked it out, my interview is Podcast episode 050 at