Now in its sixth year, Wrike Collaborate is one of the industry’s most hotly anticipated events. On November 8-9, we’ll be streaming live to thousands of people worldwide, tackling the big question on all our minds today: How can we drive efficiency? 

To answer that question and more, we’ll have an array of expert speakers delivering hands-on product sessions, fascinating customer success stories, and key insights on doing more with less this year. 

Plus, with the “Dark Matter of Work” and its wasted efforts and delays still costing an astonishing $60 million per year, the time is now to start reducing costs, increasing productivity, and consolidating multiple software solutions into one powerful work management platform.

Make sure you’re part of the 77% of organizations prioritizing efficiency this year by learning from the people who are paving the road to efficiency on a global scale.

Ready to get planning for Collaborate 2023? Explore the guest experience with recollections, advice, and top tips from past attendees.

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A fun-filled experience

Every year, Collaborate brings together the best and brightest minds in the industry to share insights, experiences — and a couple of laughs along the way.

As Sherrie Besecker of Syneos Health recalls, “I have been to all the Collaborate events — and I have absolutely loved them. I believe that Collaborate was the game-changer, where I was fully able to grasp what Wrike was all about, and it was the community and networking of like-minded people, set on a single goal: making work better for everyone! One of my favorite moments was the puppies in 2019!” 

Puppies steal the show at Collaborate 2019

It’s also the ideal place for new or potential Wrike users to learn more about the platform in an informal, pressure-free setting. “I attended Collaborate in 2018 and had a great time,” recalls Kevin Thalacker of MilliporeSigma. “It gave me more insights on how to leverage Wrike in our early days.”

A unique opportunity to learn and grow

These days, it’s harder than ever to take time off to travel to conferences or attend networking events. The beauty of Collaborate 2023 is that it’s all online, so you can dial in and out throughout the day, making sure you catch what matters most to you. “Attend topics that will help you network and understand challenges you may have that others have overcome,” advises Kevin.

This year’s attendees will enjoy unrivaled access to leading pioneers and participants in the work management movement, who will be covering all the most pressing work challenges of the day. There’ll also be a series of exciting breakout sessions, including a best practices masterclass, an exclusive sneak peek into new innovations, and an invaluable guide to navigating the future with Wrike.

For Sherrie, Collaborate offered a chance to discover what Wrike’s versatility really means in a real-life setting: “A key takeaway was learning how different users are going to interact within the system — not everyone will use it the same way. I also learned how scalable Wrike can be for everyone and anyone.”

Wrike Delivers Unprecedented Transparency to Global Solutions Provider Syneos Health®
Sherrie Besecker of Syneos Health

An exciting lineup for 2023

Collaborate 2023 is a must-attend event for every organization that wants to prepare for an uncertain future. It’s packed with insights, advice, and guidance on overcoming our biggest challenges and embracing our most exciting opportunities. Visitors can look forward to:

  • Revealing keynotes from the Wrike executive team, including an exclusive look into our new, game-changing road to efficiency
  • Inspiring customer stories from global organizations that overcame work complexities to achieve increased efficiency and deliver faster business outcomes
  • Insightful thought leader talks aimed at motivating teams to do their best work, improve processes, and harness the power of transformative technology
  • Fun, informative breakout sessions with Wrike experts to learn how to maximize Wrike’s power and put your team on the ultimate path to productivity 

“Try to attend as many webinars as possible; stay to the end and ask questions,” recommends Pietro Poli of Yourbiz, who’s looking forward to learning more about Wrike Lightspeed, automation, and custom item types. “Make sure you attend the additional and private sessions — make the most of the community.”

And that’s just what Collaborate is all about — a community of like-minded people giving their time to share their knowledge and experience to help forge a new, better, and more efficient way of working. With more than 2.4m customers worldwide, Wrike is truly at the forefront of global work management. 

Sherrie’s final advice for this year’s guests? “Learn and absorb as much as you can, ask questions, network — and have fun!”

For more information on what you can expect, visit our detailed Wrike Collaborate 2023 website. Come back and check it out regularly as we’ll be releasing more information about our most popular events, including industry-shaping keynotes from Wrike’s executive leadership and exclusive sneak peeks from our hard-working product development teams.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-year opportunity to learn how to put your teams on the road to efficiency, position your organization for resilience and growth, and deliver your best work yet. Mark November 8 on your calendar and register now!          

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