If there’s a single theme emerging in 2023, it’s a push for doing more with less. You’re probably seeing the phrase everywhere you turn — and you’re most likely feeling the effects of it in your daily life at home and at work. 

We’re all doing more with less when it comes to our grocery budgets, our utilities, even our discretionary income. We’re thinking twice about buying another dozen eggs, turning the heat down a degree or two, and looking for ways to avoid sky-high airfare costs. In fact, the federal government has had to make the highest cost of living increase for social security recipients in more than 40 years. That’s a major indication that budgets for staples have skyrocketed in a short period of time. 

But doing more with less isn’t just creeping into our home lives. When it comes to our work lives, many of us are being asked to achieve and accomplish more with less. We have fewer resources at our disposal, less budget to divvy up, and fewer people on our teams. Insider Intelligence reported that the economic situation is influencing the budgets of almost three-quarters of major media companies globally, and that 75% of advertisers surveyed said their budgets are under major scrutiny for 2023. 

Do More With Less: Wrike Is Ready to Help You Thrive 3
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This can add a ton of pressure at a time when many workers still haven’t recovered from the stress level of the COVID-19 pandemic — we know from our research into the Dark Matter of Work that 62% of knowledge workers feel overworked. 

It can seem nearly impossible to work within new, constrained parameters. Your company has laid off a bunch of staff members. How are you supposed to complete planned campaigns without key team members? Your to-do list just grew and your boss slashed your marketing budget. How can you decide what are your top priorities

How Wrike can help

Wrike has actually been solving exactly this kind of question for years. Being in the collaborative work management and productivity space means we’re always seeking ways to maximize output and minimize effort. 

So, while the “do more with less” era might seem daunting, we’ve got strategic guidance, practical advice, and real-world applications that will help you make it happen. In short, Wrike is ready to help you thrive. 

In fact, we’ve been helping 20,000 companies around the world maximize their capacity for more productivity for over a decade. Recently, we doubled down on that goal by introducing our business continuity template — designed to help companies overcome rocky scenarios, from pandemic upheaval to economic roller coasters. 

Do More With Less: Wrike Is Ready to Help You Thrive 2

We’re on a never-ending mission to make our AI features better for our customers, so they can automate the tasks (like admin or approvals) that eat up the most time. We know from experience that when we free up time by automating repeatable tasks, our brains come alive as we focus on the work that truly matters. And we know from our own research that 70% of knowledge workers feel stressed having to juggle multiple systems and sources of information for critical tasks. 

One of our absolute favorite ways we help our customers do more with less is by integrating over 400 of the most popular apps directly into Wrike. Knowledge workers use an average of 14 apps every day, using up valuable time jumping from one platform to another, trying to remember login info, and duplicating information so your team can stay on the same page. You get all that wasted time back with Wrike’s unrivaled integrations set. 

Introducing our new blog series

Now, we’re hoping to add even more to your toolbox by introducing a brand-new series: Do More with Less. This series will contain blog posts, infographics, and videos — all packed with actionable information you can put to use in your own work life — that we’re certain will result in better outcomes for you, your team, and your organization. 

In this series, we’ll focus on a number of topics. Here’s a glimpse into what’s to come: 

  • How to cope with the hidden cost of layoffs at your organization
  • The best ways to save by consolidating your martech stack 
  • Low-cost ways to boost company morale
  • Top tips for saving time at work 

You can start with our free downloadable datasheet covering five ways Wrike customers use the platform to do more with less and check back on our Wrike blog in the coming weeks for more of the best productivity advice we have to offer. 

Productivity is our jam — we can get through this bumpy ride together. 

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The hidden cost of work complexities

The hidden cost of work complexities

Read our new report to discover how Dark Matter affects us all

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