Whether you track the status of your projects or monitor your team's workload, Dashboards have been extremely helpful to thousands of companies. Today, we're excited to announce some enhancements that have all been driven by you, our customers.

Earlier this year, we gave you the ability to create and edit Dashboard Widgets, and now we're simplifying and improving sharing, navigation, and the overall look and feel. We're also giving you the ability to create Dashboards straight from templates.

Fresh Layout and Design

Our entire workspace has been undergoing a series of look and feel changes over the past year as we adopt modern user experience best practices and new web technologies. We want to make sure the tools you use daily are fine tuned and look awesome! The new Dashboards not only look great, but give you the ability to dig deeper within a task and allow you to resize the column, giving you the power to customize your widgets the way you want.

Explore With Ease Using the New Navigation

It used to be tricky to have more than a handful of Dashboards because of the way we listed them on the page. We've fixed the top line navigation so it will show you the last Dashboards you've used. And for those with a long list of Dashboards, the drop down menu now offers a better way to work. With this improvement comes more Dashboards, since there is no more physical limitation of viewing several Dashboards at once. The easy customized sorting will also enable you to manually adjust based on your listing preference.

Create Dashboards from Templates

You no longer need to go to the List View to create your widgets. You can do it directly from the Dashboard view. To make it even more simple for you to build a new Dashboard widget, we provide some templates that will allow you to build a project Dashboard if you're not sure where to start.

Improved Performance

Now you have the flexibility to increase the number of widgets you want to use on the Dashboards without worrying about whether it impacts performance. You can now use Dashboards the way you want and work faster than ever before.


Check out our help page to learn more about the new Dashboards.