KendraBuchanan @kotof It's nice to see the PMS we use, Wrike, is rated #1.  Thanks for the info.  Now, we need bug tracker.  Any sug would be great! TKS!

Kolcoo Tools: Wrike (Project Management Software) converts your e-mails into shared plans on the Web

KendraBuchanan @JustQuinn we've been using Wrike for over a year now.  I like it; easy to use. Especially like the email function.

JustQuinn looking into Wrike PM solution for Union Marketing... anyone have experience?

coachnat @mmangen Wrike is paid but has a 30-day free trial. After that it's still really affordable.

The dotAgency web team's Things We've Loved This Year, part 1:  #Agile @Zendesk @Wrike @dotMailer

coachnat @mmangen re: Wrike I like its simplicity and flexibility. Haven't tried it with groups but lots of rave reviews re: group use

Shuffling schedules in MS Project with an eye on migrating them over to really is the most wonderful time of the year

diegonei Looking for goodquality Project Management software? #FollowFriday @wrike
mike_zman Trying out Wrike for size. So far, so good.

saasdir Wrike Offers Free Upgrade with Recurring Tasks Feature for All User Accounts - Earthtimes (press release)

crawfishmedia Wrike looks interesting, worth a 30 day investigation.

ITSinsider And the lists continue... good one (blogs) here by Wrike's @andrewsthoughts #e20 #PM #Innovation

MargaretMeloni Vote for your favorite project management blog or at least see this great list of blogs: #in #fb

freshyseth @treske71 There is paid one called Wrike which is best if you're a PC user.

wrike Our Customers Rock in Collaboration 2.0

@wrike interesting take on 'long tail.' I left a comment on the blog.

columdonnelly Miscellaneous. What’s the Buzz about Wrike?

bionicturtle @rickwhittington don't know daylite. We use some excellent

advantages (esp. intelligent email to manage projects)

I am such a project management nerd.  Just found and think I might be falling in love. 

KMWeiland Wrike: Project management app with an email interface (useful for adding documents and assigning tasks) -

millca @joeworkman Have you ever looked at @Wrike? It's more for project management, but has quite a few nice features.

Thank you for all your endorsements and good words about Wrike in 2009! We only hope to read more this year! Don't forget to follow @wrike.