Do you sometimes have to review massive task lists? Or edit many tasks at once in Wrike project management software? If so, you’ll be pleased with the beta release of the new table view for tasks.
The table view is a task management tool that saves you time on adding, reviewing and editing many tasks at once. Compared with the perfectly visualized list view that helps you focus on a specific task, the table view is a compact version adjusted to working with a long list of tasks.
The table view simplifies the way project information is displayed. Thus, it easily accommodates more tasks on one screen. The table view aggregates subfolders and tasks in a single hierarchy and lets you quickly switch between items with the help of your keyboard. You can move between tasks and details by hitting the arrow keys, and edit the most important task information by hitting “enter.” By the most important task information, we mean the task’s title, start date, end date, status and responsible parties. 

The table view becomes extremely handy if you need to edit a lot of tasks. For example, when you need to mark several tasks completed, or quickly create project that includes many tasks, or reschedule numerous tasks, the table view is what you need! 
We value the needs of our customers most of all and always listen to what you have to suggest. Since the table view is still in beta, it would be great to hear your ideas on how we can make this feature even better.
P.S. As of today, the table view doesn’t display backlogged tasks. That’s a known issue, and our designers are working on creating layout that would work well with all tasks (both backlogged and planned) and work side-by-side with the timeline at the same time.