Business Continuity Template

Wrike’s COVID-19 Business Continuity Template offers a roadmap for maintaining operations during times of change. It allows you to see at-risk projects, helps you track employee availability, and makes communication simple.

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Maintain business continuity in times of crisis

This template provides you with the tools you need to respond quickly during a crisis. It enables you to mitigate risk by quickly identifying projects that require immediate attention. It helps you minimize business disruption by keeping track of remote employee availability and to communicate with ease across your entire organization.

Why you need this template

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How to use the Business Continuity Template in Wrike

There are 3 major components to this template to assist you with your business continuity planning. 

1. Remote work status updates

Keep track of employee remote work availability to mitigate business disruption and identify available alternative resources to keep your projects on track. 

The template includes a self-serve form and shareable URL for employee remote work status updates, an employee status tracker, predefined custom fields, an employee availability timeline overview report, and a report to view employee status by location. 

When an employee’s status is updated in Slack, it can be synced with the template using Wrike Integrate to import Slack statuses in real time.

2. Project risk mitigation plan

Quickly identify projects requiring immediate attention and understand their impact on revenue. 

The template includes a self-serve form and shareable URL for risk alert, predefined custom fields, a risk alert tracker, and a dashboard.

3. Rapid response communication plan for COVID-19

The COVID-19 communication plan provides your team with a plan template, an overview, and progress updates to manage internal and external communication around core business changes. Dependencies and milestones are clearly identifiable.

The template includes the rapid response communication project, pre-built with dependencies, milestones, and a Gantt chart.

Integrates with Slack

Automatically import employee statuses including location, title, group of employees.

Advanced visualizations

Take action to mitigate risk with a single dashboard for your business continuity plan, available with Wrike Analyze. Visualize employees, projects, and revenue at risk by location, department, and business unit.