The Power of Digital Collaboration: A Webinar Recap

We recently had the pleasure of hosting an exclusive webinar featuring some incredible Wrike users who shared their experiences with building an effective digital collaboration workspace during the era of digital transformation. No worries if you weren’t able to make it — we have all the essential details right here!

Our panelists included: 

  • Chris Ruscoe, Senior Manager, Global Office of the General Counsel at PricewaterHouseCoopers
  • David Boyle, Senior Director, Oracle Studios & Media Tech

And without further ado, here are a few webinar highlights! 

PwC US’s internal legal team streamlines processes during the pandemic

Chris Ruscoe and the internal legal team at PwC US were faced with several difficult challenges during the pandemic, mainly stemming from the inability to travel for meetings and projects. After taking some time to sit down and reconsider their strategic objectives and priorities, they realized they needed a single source of truth for the many different systems and resources that they were using. 

Wrike helped Ruscoe and his team establish a centralized digital collaboration solution for their many projects. Wrike’s capability to blueprint processes, along with its intuitive user design, enabled PwC to deploy Wrike quickly and seamlessly — even in a highly regulated and complex work environment. 

Oracle maximizes efficiency by replacing outdated systems with Wrike

In 2017, David Boyle and his creative team concluded that they were spending too much time managing low-value tasks and tracking statuses. Outdated project management systems, reliant on inefficient emails, were starting to break down. Consequently, information became siloed, making it difficult to gauge dependencies and risks across multiple projects. 

Wrike enabled Boyle and his team to eliminate those silos by improving processing efficiency and visibility across the board, lifting significant limitations on their workload capacity. Ease of use for non-technical users also enabled them to rapidly and efficiently deploy Wrike as a teamwide solution. 

Looking for more conversations about the future of work? 

We want to thank our panelists for sharing their exciting success stories, as well as everyone who attended the webinar — we couldn’t do it without you! 

Looking to uplevel your own digital collaboration? Check out our project execution blog or our project management guide. If you’re looking to stay updated on the latest from Wrike and Citrix, subscribe to our blog and check out these upcoming webinars.

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