We all strive to be more productive. And although it can feel like you’re getting a lot done juggling multiple projects and tasks, multitasking can actually hurt productivity.

Ironically, other work becomes a distraction and keeps you from focusing on completing the task at hand. Think you’re immune? Think again! There are scientific reasons it’s difficult to resist the seduction of those distractions.

Enter your web browser. An indispensable tool in today’s workplace, it’s also one of the biggest sources of distraction. All your web apps have their own tab. Have research to do? Open another tab. Collaborating on documents? Open another, and another. Before long you have so many open tabs it’s hard to even tell which is which.

Now you can escape the chaotic mess of assorted tabs with our award-winning desktop app. With Wrike for Windows & Mac you can break free from your browser, enabling you to better focus on your work and more easily access Wrike.

Ready to break free from your browser? Get the Wrike desktop app!

More focus = more productivity

If your browser is a busy city street with lots of people, cars, and blaring horns, the Wrike desktop app is a wide-open freeway. Without distractions and obstructions, you can more easily focus on the road ahead, put your foot on the gas, and get to where you’re going faster and easier.


The desktop app has a familiar look and feel with all the same features as Wrike in a browser. But no address bar, extra toolbars, or unnecessary buttons means you get more vertical screen space and a cleaner, more immersive Wrike experience.


When you need to work with more Projects or Tasks, you can still open them in separate tabs, but unlike your browser each new tab opens only to Wrike. To avoid tabs altogether, you can choose to instead open tasks in separate windows and easily switch between them just as you do with other apps in Windows and on your Mac.

And as a bonus, if you access Wrike using Internet Explorer 11 you’ll find that the desktop app is up to 800% faster, making it even easier to improve your productivity.

Access Wrike more quickly

Because Wrike for Windows and Wrike for Mac are desktop apps, you can quickly access them from the Wrike taskbar and dock icon regardless of what you’re doing on your computer, and the icon counter shows when you have unread items in your Wrike Inbox.


Increased control of notifications through your operating system’s preferences further enables you to more quickly respond to changes as they happen in Wrike. If you choose to have the desktop app open when you start up your computer and pin it to your taskbar or dock, Wrike will always be just one click away.

Start using Wrike for Windows & Mac today!

Don’t let your browser hold your productivity hostage. Get one step closer to being insanely productive with Wrike’s award-winning desktop app.

Get the Wrike desktop app today.

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