Today, Wrike announces Auto-Assigned Workflows - a new feature to automatically assign work to team members when it is ready for them to start. Now, customers can auto-assign workflow stages, and as Tasks enter each stage, new assignees are added and automatically alerted that they can start their work.

The approach helps teams deliver faster by eliminating all waiting time and preventing rework because items are not assigned until requirements and prior stages are complete. Instead, they can focus on current priorities, optimizing speed and quality, reducing 'task switching' time, and lowering stress.

Here's how it works.

Accelerate the Steps of Any Workflow by Auto-Assigning Each Stage

  • Define each stage of your workflow.
  • Assign each workflow stage to add 1 or more team members.
  • Alert assignees automatically as work enters each stage.
Auto assign workflows

How to Use Auto-Assigned Workflows

  • Simplify: Use as an easy alternative to templates, or within templates.
  • Organize: Choose Projects or Folders that use the auto-assigned workflow.
  • Automate: Set Requests to create a Task or Project from a Template including the Auto-Assigned workflow, to meet customer needs.
  • Update or remove assignees at any time.
  • Visualize work in Dashboards and Reports by status.
How to use auto-assigned workflows

Process Tips: When to Use Auto-Assigned Workflows

  • Set processes with flexible timelines.
  • Time-box time spent by specialists or outside vendors.
  • Designate regular teams for an entire process.
  • Time the assignment just before work starts.
  • Empower teams to self-manage: pick up assignments as they come in.
  • Limit view of certain workflows, such as legal or client reviews.

On-Demand Webinar: Auto-Assign Workflows to Deliver Faster

Learn how to automatically assign team members as Tasks enter each workflow stage.

  • Optimize: Identify goals for particular processes and steps.
  • Create auto-assigned workflows and add assignees for specific statuses.
  • Automate: Set Requests to create Tasks or Projects to meet customer needs, which utilize auto-assigned workflows.
  • Monitor: Set up Dashboards to visualize workflows by status or team.
  • Visualize: Report on workflow status alongside custom fields and key info.

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*Custom Workflows with Auto-Assignment and Request Forms are included in the Wrike Business, Enterprise and Wrike for Marketer plans.

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