In the effort to make project collaboration on the go even more efficient, we recently empowered the Wrike app for Android with three important features that many of you requested: the familiar multiple Dashboards and time tracker, as well as three all-new Android widgets.

1. Multiple Dashboards: Just as in Wrike's desktop version, you can now create multiple Dashboards in the Wrike app for Android. Instantly scroll through to see project statuses, meeting updates, and your most important tasks. 

2. Time Tracker: We've adapted another powerful desktop feature to bring it to you on your Android device. Track the time you spend working on tasks while you're on the go. Keep accurate time logs no matter where you are by clicking the familiar time tracking button.

Android App Updated with Multiple Dashboards, Time Tracker, and New Widgets

3. Android Widgets: This is an exciting, all-new feature specifically for our friends using Android devices — you can now add three different Wrike widgets right to your home screen:

+ Add new task. This simple widget has a plus button that allows you to create a new task in a pre-defined Wrike folder. Perfect for those times when you need to capture an idea and don't want to log all the way into the app.

+ Stream. You can display Activity Stream updates for the whole account or for a particular folder, and apply your chosen filters. Staying on top of all your updates is now as easy as glancing at your home screen.

+ Task list. Like the stream widget, you can also choose to display a list of tasks from within a specific folder. You can keep track of: tasks for a particular project, your own to-do list, or tasks you've assigned to someone else. 

Android App Updated with Dashboards, Time-Tracker, and New Widgets

If you haven't downloaded the app yet, get it on Google Play and send us your favorite screenshot of the  Wrike app in action. We'd love to see how you Wrike on the go!