In my previous post I encouraged all my readers to leave comments in order to compete for a free Enterprise 2.0 Conference. Now it is time to name the winner.
Thanks to everybody who participated in my little contest. I liked all the answers and it was really hard to make the final decision.

If readers and I had more time, it would make sense to vote for the best answer. Leveraging collective intelligence would be the best way to choose the winner. However, the Conference opens on the 9th of June and the winner has to be chosen as soon as possible. Therefore I will have to make this difficult decision on my own, and name the author of the best comment.
Jim Benson is the winner! In his comment he touched a very important topic: successful implementation of Enterprise 2.0 needs cultural evolution. My congratulations, Jim! I hope you'll get the most out of the conference.

I also have a $100 discount for the Enterprise 2.0 Conference entrance. I'll give it to the first person who leaves a comment on this post. Don't miss your chance!