Today we are bringing even more flexibility to the way you track and report on your projects with two exciting updates to Custom Fields.

1. Field & Format Customization

Now you have the option to apply your custom field and format data to your folder only or carry your custom field and format down to the task and subtask level. Need to track budgets but don't want the info cluttering up every task? Prefer to prioritize work at the folder level only? Love tableview but don't need details for every task? No problem. Simply select where you want your data to live when adding a custom field column from Tableview.

2. New Field Type — "User"

We also created a new field type called "user" which provides the ability to select users in your account from a dropdown menu and add them into a custom field for your folders, tasks and subtasks. It's easy to create Project Teams, dedicate a team member to the job of Final Review for a specific task or denote who will Approve activities within a folder without having to type an entire name. When creating a custom field from Table View simply select "user" as the field type, start typing a name in the cell and Wrike will automatically pull up a list of all users in your account for easy labeling.

Insert New Wrike "User" Custom FieldMenu to Insert New "User" Custom Field

Today's enhancements make adding custom details to your work even easier. Whether you‘re a Marketer, Developer, or Project Manager you have the flexibility to configure your projects and include only what matters. Personalizing your work with Custom Fields is as easy as adding a new column in a spreadsheet!