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Marketing Promotion Plan Template

Plan marketing campaigns and monitor performance with Wrike’s promotional planning template.
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Plan a comprehensive marketing calendar

Every marketing team should create a detailed marketing promotion plan ahead of each product or service campaign. It should highlight the key points of your promotion, letting each team member know when they need to organize their PR communications, sales pitches, and social media posts. 

Wrike’s promotional plan template offers a clear outline that your team can easily follow when handling promotions. Whether you’re looking for a short-term promotion plan example for smaller campaigns or something that will take you through the entire year, Wrike’s versatile template has everything you need to pull off a seamless marketing campaign.

Why you need this promotion plan template

<h5>Unclear structure</h5>
Unclear structure

A marketing promotion plan can help you break projects into phases, create a checklist, and assign tasks. Build a clear, timeline-based campaign so your team members know when certain deadlines need to be hit.

<h5>Lack of visibility</h5>
Lack of visibility

Wrike’s Gantt charts and dashboards give you a bird’s-eye view of every campaign. Track lead data, spot potential roadblocks, and monitor performance to see if customers are responding to your promotional messaging.

<h5>Poor collaboration</h5>
Poor collaboration

Work together with other team members and across departments with real-time updates. With the promotional plan template, you can instantly notify stakeholders of any changes and share campaign performance with clients.

<p>Supercharge your marketing campaigns</p>

Supercharge your marketing campaigns

<p>Supercharge your marketing campaigns</p>

How to use the promotional planning template

Wrike’s promotional plan template has a variety of marketing-focused features, making it easy to map out all of your promotional events. 

Here’s how to make the most of your marketing promotional plan.

Wrike’s comprehensive promotion plan template makes strategizing the most important elements of your marketing campaigns easier than ever.

Follow these three simple steps to get started.

Step 1: Manage your backlog

Is your marketing team overwhelmed by a stream of incoming tasks? Customize our campaign intake form to streamline requests. 

Add required fields such as client name, relevant campaign, target audience, and budget. Assign tasks to team members and set start and due dates.

Step 2: Organize your promotions

With Wrike’s easy-to-use tagging system, you can seamlessly organize your promotional assets and tasks into projects and folders. 

Use the sample folders included in this template or add your own. Include subfolders for each client for maximum clarity.

Step 3: Monitor campaign performance

Wrike’s promotional planning template also includes custom workflows and a pre-built dashboard to help you monitor task status.

Track the performance of multiple campaigns at a glance and get a bird’s-eye view of individual tasks with interactive Gantt charts. Ensure your team meets every deadline.

Work your way with Wrike

Our marketing promotion plan template will help you forecast every element of your promotional strategy, but we also offer other project management tools in Wrike. 

Take a look at some of our key features to find out how Wrike can help your marketing teams deliver high-quality marketing campaigns.

Wrike’s software can be easily configured to suit your marketing team’s unique needs. Experience the power of our all-in-one collaboration platform today.

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<p>Uplevel your marketing promotion plan</p>

Uplevel your marketing promotion plan

<p>Uplevel your marketing promotion plan</p>


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