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Employee Vacation Tracker Template

Simplify your employee vacation tracking process with this fully customizable template from Wrike.
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Effectively manage employee vacation time

Remembering and balancing your team’s respective vacation time throughout the year can be a daunting task, whether you manage a small or large team. Are you inundated with vacation requests? Do you regularly experience issues with these activities?

  • Assessing and approving vacation requests promptly
  • Dealing with ad hoc requests through email and Slack
  • Organizing coverage for absent team members

Eliminate these obstacles with Wrike’s vacation calendar template.

  • Use Wrike’s built-in reminders to ensure you approve or reject each vacation request in a timely manner
  • Set up automatic notifications in Wrike’s vacation scheduling template, so you’re informed as soon as you receive a request
  • Use the vacation calendar template to anticipate workload gaps

Why you need this employee vacation tracker

<h5>Automate vacation requests</h5>
Automate vacation requests

When vacation requests don’t come through the proper channels, they can get lost or approvals can be delayed. Use the vacation calendar template from Wrike to ensure your team members follow a set process for requesting time off. Once your employees input the dates for their vacation request, you’ll receive an automatic notification.

<h5>Set automatic reminders</h5>
Set automatic reminders

Keeping track of which requests have been approved, denied, or need addressing without an efficient approval process can be very difficult. With Wrike’s employee vacation tracker, you can set automatic reminders for each request so you can approve or reject them promptly for your employees.

<h5>Increase team visibility</h5>
Increase team visibility

If vacation requests are stored in a folder, understanding your team’s capacity throughout the year becomes impossible. Our vacation scheduling template serves as an interactive dashboard that allows you to visualize all your employee vacations at a glance and determine whether a new request can be approved.

<p>Simplify your vacation request process</p>

Simplify your vacation request process

<p>Simplify your vacation request process</p>

How to use the employee vacation tracker template in Wrike

Are you struggling to keep track of employee vacation requests? Are your team members failing to manage workloads because too many employees are absent at the same time? 

Wrike’s employee vacation tracker template creates a single location for receiving and assessing employee vacation requests and monitoring your team’s capacity through busy holiday months.

  • Gather employee vacation details with request forms 
  • Track employee vacation days with reports
  • Stay apprised of planned employee availability with calendars
  • Monitor upcoming and completed vacation requests with dashboards

Managing vacation requests for an entire team, whether you oversee a handful of people or a large number, can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Determining whether employee vacation requests can be approved requires an efficient system. 

This employee vacation tracker template sets up an easy-to-use system for approving, tracking, and monitoring time off. 

Step 1: Use the request form to submit a vacation request

Employees use the custom request form to submit their own vacation requests and include all pertinent information. They will input their name, requested vacation dates, and any contextual information in the notes box. 

Step 2: Monitor vacation requests with a dashboard

Easily view which vacation requests have been approved, denied, or need more information with the customizable dashboard. You can also get an overview of each employee’s vacation days with the built-in report. 

Step 3: View approved vacation days on a shared calendar

Absences can be viewed on a team calendar, which is color-coded to reflect each employee’s approved vacation request. Look forward to future weeks and months to assess whether vacation requests can be approved and monitor your team’s capacity to take on additional projects. 

Make Wrike work for you

Want to learn other ways Wrike can help improve employee monitoring? Our versatile work management software offers a range of powerful features to help you efficiently manage your team. These include:

You can easily adjust Wrike to suit your processes. Personalize your action plans and design your workspace to suit your team’s needs. 

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<p>Streamline employee vacation requests with Wrike</p>

Streamline employee vacation requests with Wrike

<p>Streamline employee vacation requests with Wrike</p>


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